BREANNA HENDRIKS – Owner / Creator

Hi everyone! My name is Breanna, the creative mind behind Planted Rocks, NOW THE PLANT PLACE! 

Success / Athlete


I wasn’t always the super creative person I am today, mostly due to the fact that I just didn’t have enough time! For 19 years I dedicated my life to the sport of swimming, it was everything, it was my passion, and left little time for anything else in life. I attended the University of Calgary, and achieved an Undergraduate Degree in Sociology, while swimming varsity for the Dino’s and travelling all over the world representing Canada at international competitions.

After I retired from competitive swimming in August of 2013, I began coaching 11-12 yr olds at the University while I applied to the Calgary Police Service. Eight months into the application process, and having done countless tests I was deferred. It was absolutely devastating, and I was at a loss of what I should do.


While I continued coaching which I loved, I knew I needed more to challenge myself, and express my creativity, and so Planted Rocks began. When I started this business in May 2015 I didn't even really realize that I was in fact starting a business ... too me it was a creative way to express myself. I will never forget the first market I attended with a tiny table and just a few of my terrariums, I just thought I might sell one or two, I ended up selling out and right after that market I went out and bought more supplies ... and so began my planting journey.

I continued to attend some smaller markets as I finished my EMT schooling in Calgary And In June 2016 I became a registered EMT/Primary Care Paramedic! 


While in school I did not get the chance to attend a lot of the markets I really wanted to attend so in the fall of 2016 I chose to follow this path full time, as I continued coaching, and applying for EMT positions. I did a market every weekend from the middle of October till the middle of December, and attended some of the largest shows in Calgary! It was a lot of hard work and I learned a lot about myself, what works, what doesn't work, how much inventory I actually need to make, and I also got really good at packing a vehicle haha


Now two years since I began this planting adventure I am so very proud of the work I do, and of how far this journey has taken me!! Every Terrarium I make and every time I see a customer who is truly excited about my products, reaffirms that I am on the right creative path. I have always been a creative person, it is a part of my identity and I couldn't imagine my life without it!!! Now I know this is the right path I need to be on, and that it is okay to have more then one thing to be passionate about in life! I am lucky enough to say I have three passions in life…Coaching, EMS, and Planting! So thank-you to all the beautiful people who have supported me along the way in all of my paths in life! For without you I would never get to live this amazing creative life!!!